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Taking On The World 3CD Album

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Release Date: 05/07/1989

Discs: 3

Taking on the World is the debut album from Scottish rock band Gun. The single 'Better days', taken from this album charted in the UK top 40.

Disc One: Taking On The World

1. Better Days
2. The Feeling Within
3. Inside Out
4. Money (Everybody Loves Her)
5. Taking On The World
6. Shame On You
7. Can't Get Any Lower
8. Something To Believe In
9. Girls In Love
10. I Will Be Waiting

Disc Two: The B-Sides

1. Prime Time
2. Dance
3. When You Love Somebody
4. Coming Home
5. Better Days (Live)
6. Back To Where We Started
7. Where Do We Go?
8. Don't Believe A Word
9. Better Days (12" Mix)
10. Shame On You (Remixed By Andy Taylor)
11. Money (Everybody Loves Her) (Estended Version)

Disc Three: BBC Sessions

Friday Rock Show 26th May 1989
1. Shame On You
2. Better Days
3. Coming Home
4. Taking On The World

Nicky Campbell Session 26th June 1989
5. Shame On You
6. I Will Be Waiting
7. Something To Believe In
8. Taking On The World

Mark Goodier Session 12th-15th February 1990
9. Something To Believe In
10. Can't Get Any Lower
11. Coming Home
12. Taking On The World